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One Card for a Coffee!

I’m trying out something new and fun, and wanted to let you guys in on it, too! In exchange for a cup of coffee, I’ll pull a card and tell you what I get from it. No question from you, just tapping into my intuition. So far the feedback for the two I’ve done has been wonderful, and one of them freaked both myself and the person out completely!

So if you want to give it a try for a mere $3.00, click on the link above and we’ll get to it!


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Summer Solstice

The past weeks have been…I don’t really think there is a word for it. I’m sure another language has the perfect word for being horrified, despairing, raging, and heartbroken all in one, but I don’t know what it is.

Today, though, today is the solstice. When we have the longest day of the year. Tons of sun. Which, quite frankly, for someone living in the high desert of the southwest, is not necessarily a good thing. Melting comes to mind.

You know what, I’m going to be honest…I had a post all ready in my head about the balance of day and night, how it was the Hanged Man, the still point…and then as I started writing this, I realized I had the wrong time of the year. Yes, I’ve been that distracted lately. I find myself driving and getting lost in my head, as if I’m daydreaming; I go to the grocery store and almost start wandering aimlessly, as if I’ve lost my memory.

I haven’t, but it feels like it. Concentrating is difficult lately, and I’m finding that sometimes when I stand up it feels as if I’ve sprained one ankle or the other, and I haven’t. A friend with fibro says it’s a symptom of it, and all I can think is, great, yet another pain.

Oh, I restarted my Instagram account because I needed the app on my phone for the bookstore’s account, and well…in for a penny, in for a pound, right? As soon as I posted about the free sessions, I received an email that someone had bought a cup of coffee/aka sparkling water. Yeah, the power of Instagram is amazing, so I’m trying to use it more. Plus, Twitter, which I love, is so full of everything that’s going on, and pictures are a nice distraction quite frankly.

I hope you’re all doing well.

With hope,


©Pip Miller – June 2018

PS: Did you see A Knight’s Tale?

~Kate: With hope. Love should end with hope. My husband, God rest him, told me something I’ll never forget.

(in a letter): Hope guides me. It is what gets me through the day and especially the night. The hope that after you’re gone from my sight it will not be the last time I look upon you.~

So my sign off will now be “With hope”. I’ve always loved that bit of the movie.

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Challenge Accepted

I know this may come as a surprise, but the purpose of having a blog is to, well, blog. I know, right?? Who knew? 🤣 I’ll be spending the next 6 weeks or so (until May 1) focusing all my attention here, on my blog. Blogging. No Twitter, no Tumblr, no Instagram commenting…just blogging.

It’s going to be like a LiveJournal revival – ok, maybe not – but it will be blogging old-school; life stuff, pictures, things I find interesting, books I’m reading. Forget trying to promote myself*; I want to have fun and find my voice again, not just rt and reblog things.

Check out what my gorgeous Osho Zen deck had to say about it this morning:

Yeah, this deck gets me. 😎

I’m following those of you who have blogs that I know of, but just in case I’m missing a few, let me know your blog address and I’ll follow along! Maybe you’ll get excited about blogging again, too!

Here’s to going old-school! 🍻 (that’s supposed to be two beer mugs, clinking together…not sure if it looks like that or not)

Much love!

©Pip Miller – March 2018

*I am still doing energy work, so feel free to check into that side of my website, too!

PS: I also really, really need a break from all the news, especially on Twitter. Major overload. I think that’s where the ‘healing’ comes into play in the cards above.


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Hello, March!!!

I love March. It’s a great month for me. And it finally feels like winter is heading out, and spring is wandering in. For the first time ever, there’s been more than one robin at the birdbath. The other day there were 6!! I couldn’t believe it!

Last night I did some random card readings using my trimmed Fey Tarot, and it must have been the wine, but my intuition was on the ball and the cards just spoke to me. It was wonderful! I pulled these for March:

March reading

I love this deck, and I love not knowing what the majority of the cards are. Helps my Virgo step aside and let my Pisces intuition kick in! What do you see in these cards?

Things are changing, that’s obvious. Not always in a good way, but still, changing. I came across an Instagram post by Alaina O’Brien this morning that mentions how things/we are being broken down in order to become something bigger and better. Pretty much sums it all up, wouldn’t you say?

There was also this amazing post by Pearl Wilde that really hit home last night, too.

I have high hopes for March. Hopes that the darkness and fear and struggles will get easier, hope that peace is to be found in the little things, and hope that spring brings growth and joy and happiness with it. Do you have hopes for this month?

©Pip Miller – March 2017

PS: I have a part-time day job again, but I have plenty of time for healing sessions! Don’t hesitate to ask for a particular time! If it doesn’t fit my schedule, we’ll work something out. 🙂

PPS: One thing I’ve noticed since I haven’t been using my Filofax…I can’t find anything!

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I Created a Tarot Spread!

It’s quick, easy, and I’m calling it, “Pip’s Short and Sweet Spread” (I think everyone who creates card spreads should include their name so credit can be given, don’t you?).

It’s 4 cards, lay them out however you like – I rarely used the layout of different spreads I’m using – and this is how it works:

Card one is the answer to your question.

Card two is the ‘because’ of the answer.

Card three is the ‘so’ what next.

Card four is the ‘and then’.

©Pip Miller

For example:

What can expect if I do x?

10 Swords:  Overwhelm, too much, exhaustion.

10 Cups: Because I need time with my family.

Fool: So, make your decision, start fresh, and go for it.

Empress: And then you’ll have the time to bring new life into your situation.

See? Short and sweet, but full of information!

It can actually be used with a question such as, “Should I….”. I know tarot readers dislike yes/no questions overall, but sometimes you really need an answer and this will work for that.

So for the above, you’d have something like:

Should I do x? 

Yes, you’re done, you’re over what’s going on, and you need to head towards that light in the distance.

Because, it will bring more happiness to your family situation.

So take the leap and trust your decision.

And then things will grow and progress in an abundant way.

A slightly different take, but with that shift from ‘what to expect’ to ‘should I’, it’s a more defined answer in some ways.

If you use this spread, tag it with #PipsShortandSweet on Instagram or Twitter! I’d love to see what you think of it. 🙂

©Pip Miller – June 2016

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The Year of the Hermit

2016 adds up to 9, and in tarot 9 is the Hermit.

©Pip Miller
The Sun and Moon, Osho Zen, Fey, and DruidCraft.

The Hermit, to quote one of my favorite tarot books is, “…a symbol of introspection and the wisdom that is gleaned in thoughtful silence. This card invites you to withdraw from the clutter and commotion of the everyday world and find peace in solitude.”

I took last month off of pretty much all social media sites except Twitter, and I’ve found that by doing so, whenever I check in to any site (even just Twitter), it just all seems so loud. Overly busy, and just overly, overly noisy in my head. This morning I came across this blog post by d smith kaich jones, and it said, in her usual inimitable way, what I am feeling.

Thoughtful silence. Withdraw. Smaller things. Softer.

All I know is that I need a lot more of this,


and a lot less of this.megaphone

I’ve no idea where this desire is going to take me, but healing myself is my prime directive this year. I’ve even chosen “Health” as my word for the year. So if I’m hit and miss with interacting, just know that it is necessary for nurturing myself, and not that I’m giving it all up – can any of us do that anymore? We’ve become so entrenched in “living” out our lives online, when in actuality that isn’t what we are doing. So…the withdrawal.

Image ©Osho Zen Tarot

I also began this year of thoughtful silence with a distance healing session (begin as you intend to go on). Being able to help others fills me with peace and joy, and second to caring for my health, that is how I most want to spend my year. Even if I’m not showing up online often, I always check my email, so know that if you purchase a session, I will get back to you as soon as possible so we can set up a time.

©Pip Miller – January 2016


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Holidays, Drinking, and Donations

It’s the 4th, as everyone knows, and holidays seem to be more about getting soused than celebrating the actual reason we have the holiday, am I right? Everything you see and watch gives the impression that one cannot fully enjoy a holiday without a drink in one’s hand…well, I’m here today to do just that.

The past 3 days have been…well, they’ve been. Yesterday I rounded the corners on two decks with trimmed borders, and then I spent most of the afternoon trimming my DruidCraft tarot (pictures are on Instagram, and wow, what a difference in size and look!!!!).  Having something to do really helped when the thoughts of drowning myself in alcohol crossed my mind; I was able to notice how the feeling ebbed and flowed and the same for the intense emotions that caused the desire ( I also noticed how often the thought of drinking to deal with various thoughts and situations crossed my mind). We really – well, I really – do let emotions drive reactions, and if the instantaneous reaction is removed, the control of the emotions is lessened.

I’ve know this, we all read about it, yet putting it into practice isn’t always easy. It will be interesting to see how stepping back will play out over the month.

On a serious note, again, the whole point of this Dry July is NOT about me not drinking for a month, it’s to raise money for breast cancer. I am saving what I would have normally spent on alcohol and am going to donate it at the end of the month (considering my salary, the amount is astonishing when I add it up in my head). I’ve been watching my friend’s donation page, and I haven’t seen any new donations and this makes me sad. A fund-raiser to get a new online sci-fi series garnered millions in days, and kickstarters are raising funds every day, yet something as serious as a breast cancer walk is barely getting a drop. Why is that? Is it because being able to watch something like said series or having a concrete item in hand once the kickstarter goes through gives a feeling of ‘a bang for your buck’, whereas donating to research that may one day help someone but at the moment gives you, yourself, nothing concrete in return doesn’t?

Without the funds, research can go no where. Research for my essential tremor relies on donations, as does research for every single disease, cancer, and affliction there is. All mental health issues, all the one-in-a-million cancers no one has ever heard of…every single one of them. And no, you don’t seem to get a return on your investment, but someone does. And even if that someone is the only person in the entire world who does, do they not deserve a chance? Don’t we all know of someone who has died of breast cancer? Don’t we all know someone who is now undergoing treatment for it and is fighting daily for his or her life? Don’t they deserve the chance for better treatments that come about from the research that is made possible by your donation?

So please, while you’re reading along and checking out my Instagram pictures (lots of tea, lol!)…take the time to donate. Every little bit helps, even $5. Plus, my friend has been training really, really hard for this walk (and if you knew her from back when, you’d be just as amazed and proud of her as I am). It would be so sad if she didn’t meet her goal and was unable to participate, so let’s kick it up and get her over that goal!

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, because hell, every single one of us has the chance of getting cancer, and that includes me. And if it happens that I do one day contract it, well, I want to thank all of you ahead of time for the treatments that will give me a fighting chance. And if it’s you, I will be so happy to have been of help before you knew you needed it.

©Pip Miller – July 2015


A Smack Upside the Head

…and gratitude. Extreme gratitude.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

You know that one friend you have, the one who lays down the law in such a way that it’s as if a thunderbolt when through you, completely changing how you look at things? The one that puts that final puzzle piece in the picture you knew was missing some thing, but you didn’t know what it was? I woke to an email from that friend today. Someone I’ve never met in person, and most likely never will due to where we both live. The one who may as well have smacked me upside the head with a frying pan, knocking some serious sense into me in the caring, no-holds-barred way she has when it’s needed.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head, clinging to ways that may have supported me in the past, but definitely don’t any longer. I’ve always felt “less than” and compare myself to others all the time, whether in looks, success, possessions…all of it. It’s a trait I’ve tried to overcome, but it’s a difficult one, and having that trait tends to lead me to postpone the great life I know I can have, leaving me in a world of grey and doubt.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

Her guidance (and bluntness) was as if heaven sent, giving me the courage to be strong and trust myself (and the universe) more than I do, and most importantly, build your trust. Hopefully you will notice and appreciate the changes in me over time, and I will stand stronger, wiser, and more certain of myself than ever in the past. 🙂

Image ©Osho Zen Tarot

And you…you know who you are. This is my joy-filled message of love and gratitude for the amazing, wonderful internet that brought us together and the healing you bring to my life. 🙂

©Pip Miller – September 2014

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I’ve been thinking recently of dropping this blog, not because I don’t love it, but with regards to bringing clients and how that doesn’t happen.  Seemed a waste of time, which I don’t have much of to spend online anymore.  Over the past few days I’ve been tweeting with Joanna Powell Colbert (creator of the Gaian Tarot) about buying her house when I won the lottery, and last night I dove into her blog, reading up on this year’s entries in one sitting.

Not only did I learn that the house I said I wanted to buy is NOT their island home (I missed the post in which she told that they’d decided to sell the Bellingham home instead of the island home…oops. LOL), but as I was reading, I kept catching myself getting teary-eyed and it hit me that it was whenever she mentioned women’s circles and the retreats and gatherings.

In my life.  I have many online ‘friends’, yes, but here, in person, not so much.  It usually ends up being people I work with, and then once there’s a job change, those people quickly (or slowly, if I’m lucky) go their own ways and we lose touch.  I can’t remember the last time I had a real friend to call any time and chat with or just hang out and talk about life and men and…

I think there’s a part of me in need of healing, and that healing can only come from a group of other women, rather than the male-centered life I lead. There’s something deep missing, and my soul is crying out for it.

I’m not sure why that caused me to write this post or where I’m going with it, but there it is. Contemplating life, the lack of friends, and where to go with it all…

BTW, I have to check my lottery tickets and see if I won.  I may still buy the house. 😉

(© Pip Miller – May 2014)

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Always Learning

Recently I signed up for a couple of online courses, and was thrilled with the wealth of information and how useful they were.

First off, there is Theresa Reed’s kick-ass Mystical Mogul course. Twenty-five tips for $25. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Two of them alone were worth the price!!

Next I decided to brush up on my tarot and Joanna Powell Colbert’s 22 Days of Tarot Sparks, which comes free when you sign up for her newsletter. The spark for Judgement finally made sense of that card for me!

Is there anything you’ve signed up for that you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know!