When Spirit Comes Knocking

Sometimes Spirit just really want to get one’s attention, and yesterday She was quite obvious in her determination.

Most mornings I pull some cards to get a feel for the day, and yesterday one of the cards I pulled from the Mythical Goddess Tarot¬†was Yemaya. Now Yemaya and I have a long history of dancing around each other, but I didn’t really think anything about the card beyond the message, which is, in part, about connecting with Mother so you can be a light for others.

Later, at work, we received a shipment of glass figurines that hang from cords. Two of them were mermaids, which I’d never seen before. Pretty, but again, I didn’t give it much thought.

The final frying-pan-upside-the-head was late last night when I was watching “Saving Grace” on Netflix (great show!). A young girl woke from a coma, speaking Portuguese and repeating a phrase. I picked up the word “Yemonja” and waited til they had translated what she was saying, and sure enough, she was praying to Yemonja! Alrighty then!

I did a bit of research (again), and found this article about her, and that’s when the light bulb really went off, and now I’m getting a feel for why she’s been making herself known to me so many times over the last 15 years or so.

This morning’s message came via an Instagram post from Tarot Readings From a Bitch, in which she had created a water altar, something I’ve not done, though it had been suggested to me before by Joanna Powell Colbert. Got it.

-Aside: read both of their blogs. You won’t regret it.

So I’m off to create a water altar, do some connecting, and figure out how to be a landlocked mermaid. ūüôā

Have you ever had Spirit, in one form or another, be as determined to get you to pay attention? Who and how? Let’s hear about it!!

©Pip Miller РMarch 2017

PS: Almost forgot! Today and tomorrow, in honor of Yemaya and the water element, I’m offering a 15-minute session for $10 that focuses solely on the chakra associated with water; the sacral chakra. Let’s unblock some of that stuck energy and get things flowing! You can make your payment here, and don’t forget to put your email address in the notes so I can contact you and set up a time!


Happy September!!!!!!

Oh, thank goodness August is over! I really had days wherein I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the month, and the last few days seemed to drag, as if teasing me with the relief that is to come but was still just out of reach.

I know many are sad about the thought of summer coming to an end, but here in the SW, sometimes it’s a real blessing to have that relentless heat finally morph into crisp evenings and mornings. And the wind: it’s about time for the wind to show up again, and while I could do without the dust flying, it’s lovely to have what feels like a clean sweep of stagnant energies go on for a few weeks.

I’ve also mentioned before that September always feels like a new year to me; a definite hold-over from school years when we started the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I’m still waiting for my new Plum Paper planner to be shipped; they said 6-8 weeks, but I really was hoping to get it today since I had requested it to go from September to August. Ah well, it will get here when it gets here, and I’ll keep using my Filofax til then.

This is a picture that was either submitted to a National Geographic contest a few years ago, or it is by a N.G. photographer (I don’t remember the name; bad hobbit). Every time I look at it, it cracks me up, and today, it’s exactly how I feel!

Nat'l Geo photo

I’m motivated to do find a way to do more #oasisoflight sessions¬†(that’s goal #1), to write more on MeWe, to get back to posting on¬†Instagram more than I have been (and to weed my timeline: SO many tarot spreads/cards¬†of the day), to sign up for Joanna Powell Colbert’s “30 Days of Harvest” because it looks delicious on many levels…and to focus on nurturing ME for a change (getting sick twice this summer was a new record for me).

So Happy September (New Year), one and all!!!

©Pip Miller РSeptember 2015



I’ve been thinking recently of dropping this blog, not because I don’t love it, but with regards to bringing clients and how that doesn’t happen. ¬†Seemed a waste of time, which I don’t have much of to spend online anymore. ¬†Over the past few days I’ve been tweeting with Joanna Powell Colbert¬†(creator of the Gaian Tarot)¬†about buying her house when I won the lottery, and last night I dove into her blog, reading up on this year’s entries in one sitting.

Not only did I learn that the house I said I wanted to buy is NOT their island home (I missed the post in which she told that they’d decided to sell the Bellingham home instead of the island home…oops. LOL), but as I was reading, I kept catching myself getting teary-eyed and it hit me that it was whenever she mentioned women’s circles and the retreats and gatherings.

In my life. ¬†I have many online ‘friends’, yes, but here, in person, not so much. ¬†It usually ends up being people I work with, and then once there’s a job change, those people quickly (or slowly, if I’m lucky) go their own ways and we lose touch. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I had a real friend to call any time and chat with or just hang out and talk about life and men and…

I think there’s a part of me in need of healing, and that healing can only come from a group of other women, rather than the male-centered life I lead. There’s something deep missing, and my soul is crying out for it.

I’m not sure why that caused me to write this post or where I’m going with it, but there it is. Contemplating life, the lack of friends, and where to go with it all…

BTW, I have to check my lottery tickets and see if I won. ¬†I may still buy the house. ūüėČ

(© Pip Miller РMay 2014)

Always Learning

Recently I signed up for a couple of online courses, and was thrilled with the wealth of information and how useful they were.

First off, there is Theresa Reed’s kick-ass Mystical Mogul course. Twenty-five tips for $25. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Two of them alone were worth the price!!

Next I decided to brush up on my tarot and Joanna Powell Colbert’s 22 Days of Tarot Sparks, which comes free when you sign up for her newsletter. The spark for Judgement finally made sense of that card for me!

Is there anything you’ve signed up for that you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know!