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Word for the Year and a Bit of Divination

Last week I pulled a card from the Osho Zen Tarot, seeing what it had in mind for me for my word for 2019. It came up with this:

I wasn’t quite feeling it, so later I tried again. Same card. Hmph.

The next day I was watching this weird show a friend mentioned that’s called Kentucky Ayahuasca, and one of the clients mentioned “transformation”. Ok, that’s 3 times. Fine.

Then yesterday another friend gave me a card reading, and what did she say during the reading? Yeah. So. Guess what my word is for next year? Lol

I pulled a few cards on the 20th to see how the winter season was going to go for me, and these came up:

That’s not a great picture, sorry. They’re incredibly reflective.

Mentally, oh, definitely it’s been a 10 of wands time, and it looks like the next 3 months won’t change much. Gorramit. I’m going to have to make shifting that a focus.

Physically, feeling fat and blech. Yup. Time to address that, too.

Financially, oh, I like this!!!! My greatest wish is that Hygge Lightwork gains footing and all the clients who need my help around the world find me.

Not too bad for an outlook, and coupled with my friend’s reading, it’s going to be an interesting few months!

May the rest of the month and year be good to you, and let’s set the intention that next year will be SO much better. Because I don’t know if I can take another year like this one. You?

©Pip Miller РDecember 2018

With hope,

Pip ūüôā


Question for Card Readers

When I get a reading, I’m usually asked to shuffle and cut the cards so my ‘energy infuses the cards’, helping the reader answer the question clearly.

I never questioned that, until now. ¬†The readings I have been doing have all been email and I have never done a reading in person (yet). So I wonder…is that really necessary? ¬†And what if the person has had a few or is on something undetectable, even meds? ¬†Or is pregnant? ¬†Isn’t that two energies you would be dealing with? ¬†What if the person’s energies are so muddled that they barely know their own name? ¬†Then what happens to the cards when any of the above shuffles them?

Doesn’t it make more sense for the reader to do the shuffling all the time, keep their energies in the cards so they get clear messages from their intuition and guides??

I wonder if that’s one of those things that are ‘canon’ when it comes to readings, like one I used to hear all the time at the shop I worked at, especially concerning one’s first deck, “No, I can’t buy my own! ¬†Tarot decks must be given to you!” ¬†Or that they must be wrapped in cloth, never left in the boxes. ¬†Or put ‘to sleep’ with crystals. ¬†Things like that. ¬†Who came up with this stuff??

What are your thoughts, dear card readers out there?

©Pip Miller РJune 2013