Pip who?

In 2009, a chance comment led me to take a huge leap of faith and offer to help heal a friend’s injured knee. Her feedback told me that all those tarot card readers were right; I am an energy worker, and I knew right then that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’m a conduit for Divine healing energy and light, and as such, I give a boost to your body’s natural healing abilities. My clients state that – even thousands of miles away – they feel a warm, peaceful energy, and this energy can bring subtle, gentle changes, or it can surprise you with big shifts; it always helps you in the best way for your highest overall good.

Some random things about me:

1: I was given the nickname Pippin from a group of friends in high school who loved Tolkien and played D&D. My Browncoat friends shortened it to Pip. 🙂

2: I love hibiscus tea and raspberry hot chocolate.

3: You’ll find me lost in a book more often than not.

4: I’d go barefoot all the time if I could. I did mention the hobbit thing, right? 😉

5: Clothes and shoe shopping are my nemesis, but put me in a Staples or stationery store, and I’m in heaven for hours! I love fountain pens and Flair markers.

6: I’m new to the fibromyalgia diagnosis (as of 2019), but I’ve had essential tremor since the late 90’s.

7: I’m a member of the Letter Writers Alliance. Snail mail FTW!

8: My home office is probably my favorite space in the whole world. It’s watched over by ravens, a blue dragon, angels, crystal skulls, Funko Pops, and a stuffed moose named Marshall. OH! And I have Christmas lights strung up year-round and plug them in nightly. Seriously. They’re so pretty.

9: I play an extrovert in life, but I’m really an introvert at heart, and would rather be home than almost anywhere else. Except Hawai’i. Because, Kaua’i.

10: My work has been reviewed by Amanda Donnelly and Bonnie Cehovet (the links in both of their posts have changed since they were written). I was also interviewed by Dee Morrison, and I contributed articles to the Attune Magazine (July & August 2012).

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