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Ah, Mercury Retrograde. Sigh.

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for days, but my internet continually goes out every 5-10 minutes, and it’s driving me insane. The cable company doesn’t know why, so I’m sort of stuck. I’m actually writing this offline and then will try to quickly post it.

How are you all doing? I’m a bit freaked out by all the mask-less faces I see, especially at the grocery store, I must admit. I’ve come across a couple people coughing nasty coughs, and I just cringe and walk the other way. I’m not ready for this. Not until more people get vaccinated, especially for the safety of the children.

Osa is doing ok. She’s already bored with house arrest, and I’ve let her go out back with our smaller dog for a bit here and there. Our male would much rather be a house dog, so he’s quite fine with that. Osa is super-excitable, and when she’s excited, she wiggles. A lot. I’ve done my best to avoid all situations in which she gets that way, but even just one of us walking into the living room in the morning sets her off. I’m honestly not sure if her leg is any better; she limps often and it doesn’t look much different when she walks than before the surgery. It’s frustrating, but there’s only so much I can do. I still believe a dog who undergoes this surgery should be sent home with some sort of brace to hold it steady, especially a big dog like Osa.

Fire season has begun, the air is full of smoke from Arizona, and the heat has kicked in. So much heat. I’m not ready for this summer.

Between dog sitting and human caretaking, I’ve been sending light. It’s what keeps me sane, honestly. I did a lovely distance distance session for someone in pain in Costa Rica and her pain went away (I love it when that happens!), did a Dare the Possibilities session, and it was neat to feel the flow of light getting stronger for certain chakras compared to others. Someone asked me to “check her lungs” and my first thought was, “no, I don’t have that ability”, and then I thought, “why not”? So I did a little hand placement, and then switched it, and I could actually tell that yes, she did need light, and where it was needed the most. It was pretty cool! I love trying out new things to further enhance how I can be of help to you guys.

Well, the internet is kicking back in again, so let’s see if I can actually add a picture and post this!

Stay cool and stay safe!

Much love,

Journal · Pets


#writealm Day 12 (I’m behind again)…

The end of the month will make 6 months since our dogs disappeared into thin air, and lately we’ve been thinking about them a lot.

1008111321abWhen we first got Gia, she was only 7 weeks or so old, and Zoey became her stand-in mom. They were inseperable.


Gia and Zoey As Gia grew, she quickly became not only a completely different color (she started out with pure German Shepherd coloring!), but taller than her ‘mom’. She was the funniest dog, too: Zoey would be running around the backyard, barking wildly at something, and Gia would just lay in the middle of the yard watching her, not barking at all. She only barked when she was playing with either Zoey or with the cat.


IMG_0547267Every day our new puppies do something that brings back a memory of what Zoey or Gia did – especially since the oldest sounds and acts so much like Zoey, and it always makes us sad. We hope, more than anything, that whomever has them is treating them well and loves them. Because we still miss them so much and want them to come home.

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