What the…

Hell just happened today?

Is it a surprise? No, not to anyone paying attention. Have they been saying for years what the plan was? Yep. Is it over? Nope.

Everything else I had in my head to write about today is of no importance right now.

Catcha on the flip side.

Be safe.


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It’s getting cold and windy outside, but earlier I went to pick up cat food in a short-sleeved shirt. In January. This has bee the most un-wintery winter yet, and it’s sad to know that’s not going to change.

The roadrunners showed up as usual, sunning themselves in the yard after the cold night. When their wings are spread and you see them from the back, they’re tiny! I love it when they raise the feathers on top of their heads.

They like to sit on the chair and look in the window; drives the cat absolutely NUTS. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Yes, I need to wash the windows.

One of my friends online contracted Covid and I’ve been sending her light. She says it helps her sleep, and helps a bit with her lungs and sinuses, too. I wish I could do a session or two and cure people, but that’s out of my wheelhouse. At least I can do a little to help alleviate the situation.

Today’s the 4th day without my evening stress-relief, beer. I stopped in December for a while, but also started eating plant-based, nearly vegan, and it was too much, especially when the iron supplements I’m taking kicked my ass. Those things are brutal, with or without food. I’m really over drinking, and am determined to succeed. I’ve been posting some things on my Instagram account, and followed some sober feeds for inspiration. I still have mixed feelings about Instagram (Zuck, man….jeez), but some of the communities there are wonderful and helpful. Plus, pretty pictures for the win.

Speaking of social media, I’m staying off Twitter tomorrow. The insanity is at a new level and I can’t bear to watch what that man is doing to our democracy with the help of his lackeys. If he succeeds by some stretch of what-the-hell tomorrow, I don’t want to learn about it til the next day. It won’t change anything, but at least I’d have one last day of semi-peace, right?

And now, I’m off to listen to podcasts and set up my planner for next week.

Be safe and wear a mask!

Much love,



Inspiration When You Least Expect It

Wandering through my Instagram feed today and there’s an ad from Leonie Dawson. I used to follow her years ago, but stopped somewhere along the line. Check her feed and there was something about “Press Publish Every Day” – a post she’d written about missing blogging and how she was going to post (almost) every day of December last year.


And in that post was a link to another article about daily blogging, and then another link in that one, and one more. Also in those posts were mentions of social media apps preferring people don’t blog, but use their apps instead.

Message getting louder.

Then I’m catching up on my blog feed here on WordPress and Melissa Cynova has a hashtag #WellCynova and “Day 1”, “Day 2”, “Day 3” blog posts. I love her plan for the tarot cards and am adopting that for my own use, too.

The foghorn; so loud.

Her posts, which are obviously daily now, are about getting healthy. My feeling for the year is Light, which once I started writing down the details of how to feel that way, proved to have different sub-feelings than in that post, and turned out to be mainly about my health – mental, physical, and spiritual.

Alright, alright…I get it, ‘verse, I get it!

So I’m jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak. I’m going to write something every day for at least a week, and if it’s going well and I’m feeling my bloggin’ groove again (and no one comments and tells me enough is enough), longer. They won’t be marketing posts (thank goodness, cuz I suck at them), just whatever comes to mind like how we blogged when we all started out years ago.

I’ve intended to write more, and have written about that intention, over the past couple years, but I fall back into the social media web and the fact that, as mentioned, I suck at marketing myself, so that intention always falls to the wayside.

Follow along if you’d like…or don’t. I don’t know how many people still read blogs, or if they want to read daily posts, but as Leonie said, I miss writing. And I really need a break from Twitter.

Much love,

Pip ๐Ÿ™‚

I just realized I don’t even have a single picture in this (major blogging no-no) and I don’t even care.

PS: I may borrow Melissa’s hashtag idea, too.

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Choosing A Word For 2021

Picking a guiding word for the year is something I’ve done for a while now. Last year I decided to go with a feeling, lighthearted, and quite frankly, this year has left the vast majority of us feeling anything but, am I right?

Normally I just wait til a word pops into my head that feels right, and I go with that. Thing is, I also don’t really do anything to help that word along. Not this year!

I use Passion Planners, which come with a Roadmap to help you focus on and achieve your goal. December hit me hard and I’ve been super depressed. Rereading The Desire Map seemed the thing to do, and Bing! Lightbulb! Feelings, not goals. How do I want to feel next year and more importantly, how can I make it happen? I dropped the gamechanger part of it, choosing instead to focus on all 4 important emotions that compromised my core desired feeling: Light.

It’s not easy finding a picture to represent what I mean by light…

Light? Didn’t I choose lighthearted last year? I did. Is there a difference? Honestly, not much. The world is too heavy right now, and as any empath can tell you, it’s suffocating. Anything that isn’t heavy is how I want to feel, so light, light-hearted…same difference.

I scribbled all over my current planner’s Roadmap, which I never filled out, sifting through words and what would help me feel light, and finally, finally, narrowed it down to Delight, Comforted (a big one), Peaceful, and the hardest one to pin down, Financially Secure and Independent. I’d first chosen “like I make a difference”, and that is a part of it, but mostly I want to work for myself, helping others feel better. Which is a way to make a difference, so yay.

Then came the important part. What will help me feel each of those 4 feelings? Under Comforted I have “my journal, fleece as much as possible (soft soothes me), special treats such as hot chocolate and ice cream”. Nothing major, but little things I can focus on weekly to make sure I stay in the Light lane and don’t veer off into the No Eating for a Week and All I Want to Do is Sleep lane again. I’m still not out of that one yet, to be honest.

I’m still fine-tuning it and haven’t transferred it to my new planner. I feel good about it. I hope next year is better because of it.

Do you choose a word? What method do you use to do so, and have you ever felt the need to repeat one because it means so much to you? Let’s chat in the comments! I’m curious how others go about this.

Happy Yule!!!!

With hope and much love,

Pip ๐Ÿ˜Ž

PS: This holiday season is possibly one of the most difficult most of us have ever gone through. Stress and anxiety are an important part of my work; check out what I can help you with!

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How Holistic Healing Can Help

At work, in my office

I’ve been doing multiple sessions on some people (and Crackers!) for a while now, and today Suzanne sent me this:

Dear Pip,

I count you as one of my blessings and I’m so grateful you’ve taken me on as a client for multiple, recurring sessions. Sometimes, like last night, I don’t realize you’ve sent me light in the day, because I don’t check the message until later, and then I sleep through the night, waking up only once for the bathroom versus nights when I wake up 4 or 5 times.

Your work has benefited me for certain. I wish I could quantify it so it’s less woo woo, but frankly, just because something’s subtle doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. What’s more, neither my doctors nor I can quantify whether the new injectable biologic (once monthly) asthma drug or the new intravenous infusion (twice yearly) of ferritin pulled me out of the drain I was circling this summer. And what surprised me is, they don’t care! They say, As long as you feel better, let’s keep doing it. I haven’t told them about you because, you know. But you channeling focused bonus Light from The Source is definitely a big part of this sustained upswing.

Thank you, again, for everything.

My heart is so happy right now. ๐Ÿ’–

Much love, and stay safe,


PS: You can get your own session (or sessions) right here!


Gratitude Magic and An Old Horse

It’s been a while. Again. There’s been a lot going on around the old homestead that has us in a heightened state of stress since the end of August – and with my stress level already at ‘screaming into the void’ because of politics and Covid-19, you can imagine how the past weeks have been.

How have I managed not to run screaming into the night? First and foremost, an elderly horse. A fellow Browncoat, Diane, has two horses, one who is 29 (I had NO idea horses live that long, and he’s a mini, so could potentially make it to 45 or 50!) and has health problems. I’ve sent light to him in the past, and Diane asked me to help again at the beginning of October. Honestly, her feedback that he’s growing stronger and has more of his frisky attitude makes my day, and the plan to send him light in the mornings so he has an easier day is the main reason I don’t hermit and stay in bed til noon to avoid the endless circus of stress monkeys in my head.

Crackers the horse

Second, something I read in a Llewellyn yearly almanac a few years ago popped into my head. An author, Dallas Jennifer Cobb, had “practices gratitude magic” in her bio, and the phrase stuck with me, but faded into the background over time. I don’t know why it decided to pop up its head last week, but it did, and I sat down and asked myself how one would do that, what would make that a particular thing?

I’ve come up with 4 items so far, one is to “give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way” within context of lighting candles, making that a part of the intention/request so that it’s not a plea, so to speak, but an act of acknowledgement that the Universe is on the job. I’m not describing this correctly…it’s not about directing the Universe, but letting it do what needs to be done and giving thanks that it will be what is needed. So I might light a candle and say, “Thank you for helping us get through this stressful time with our sanity intact” and not ask for a specific way for that to happen, or “Thank you for sending the perfect person to help with ____, they made the entire situation so much easier!” and stepping back and letting that person show up. Something like that. I know this is far from new, but for some reason it’s what I need now.

How are you dealing with the world these days? Has anything helpful pinged on your radar? What is it, and how are you incorporating it into your life? Comment and let us know!

With hope,

Pip ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: One particular item I wrote down was that is is not all about positivity. Everything is not light and sunny and unicorns farting rainbows, and to ignore the shadow side of life is like trying to ignore that the sun goes down everyday. It doesn’t work.

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By the Glow of a Salt Lamp

This morning I read a newsletter from Amanda Mays, and in it she included a writing prompt:

“What was the practice or ritual that sustained you through difficult times?”

What an excellent question! I love her newsletters. And her Insta account is calming and filled with what she calls “celebrating dailiness“. Check it out!

This year has been…well, there aren’t even words. To paraphrase a line from Buffy, “It sucks beyond the telling.”. SO much.

But there’s still good things, like the roadrunner who perched on a chair on the porch, staring at the screen door with look as if it was thinking, “Excuse me? Is the drive-thru window closed??”

From Dec last year

Or my cat, who disappears all summer long, every summer, except to eat; when the weather is changing she’s back to cruising the house, asking to be pet and paid attention to. Sometimes a bit too often, actually. It’s as if she needs to make up for all she missed in during the hot weather.

As for what practice that has sustained me? I had to think about it. There are a few things I do on a regular basis, but they don’t necessarily help me through this tumultuous time. They just are.

Then it hit me. Every evening my other half heads to bed at least 3 hours before I do. He’s the morning person, I’m the night owl. Somewhere along the way this year, I started to lightly massage his back while reading a book (I’ve been on an Elizabeth Hunter kick since I discovered her Elemental Mysteries series) by the light of a large Himalayan salt lamp. The orange glow is bright enough to read my old keyboard Kindle by, yet soothing enough that it doesn’t wake him. This has been the routine every night for months. So much so that when I get in bed, he automatically turns over, even if he’s not fully awake.

The massage helps him sleep, the books calm my frantic mind, and the light winds down the evening…it’s a ritual that we would both miss if it ended.

Have you come across a writing prompt lately that made you think? Comment, please!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

ยฉPip Miller – September 2020

PS: Are any of you Pinterest fans? Rumor has it that it’s a great way to build one’s business

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Doing What I Can

…to help the world, one person at a time.

Today is a difficult day. It’s like a culmination of so many emotions, so many layers, so much trauma, grief, fear, anger…it just goes on and on and on. I can’t make it all go away, but I can give you a respite. Sessions are 1/2 price til midnight Sun (MST).

Much love,


PS: I’ve been sending light to someone recently diagnosed with Covid-19, and again, while I can’t cure it (though I wish SO much that I could), I can give some peace and pain relief. She says it’s helping, so we’ll continue on, hopefully helping bolster her body’s own healing ability so she gets through this with ease. I would love to help others in the same situation; please contact me or DM me on Twitter.

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When I had Instagram, I used Linktree and it was exclusive to Instagram. Now you can use it on any site, and that’s fantastic! You can add multiple links to it, including your latest blog post, particular categories (cooks link to things like breads, dinners, breakfast, etc). And you can change it at any time, so if you add a new social media site, or drop one, it’s all in one place. Easy-peasy!

Click here to check out any of the links!

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Animals and Energy Healing

Hey everyone!

Every time I sit down to write, my mind becomes filled with everything that’s going on, and I lose motivation to post. We’re all having such a difficult time, aren’t we?

I wish I knew who to credit for this

I haven’t been sending a lot of light to humans of late, but I have been sending to animals quite often. I love helping them! I always notice the difference in the strength of the energy when it’s an animal on the receiving end; they have no idea it’s going to happen, so there isn’t any prejudgment, nor are there any expectations. As such, I think they are more open to the healing than most humans are, even those who understand what it is, its limitations, and what can and can’t be accomplished with it. I think it’s because subconsciously in humans there is always something going on that can affect the results.

I charge the same for animals, and usually do a 30-minute session. Hit me up if your fur baby isn’t feeling up to par! It’s also great, as with humans, for stressed and anxious critters, too.

So, how have you all been doing? I’m certain I’m suffering from low-grade depression, with some days being more full-on depression than low-grade, and there are days I just want to find a cave somewhere and hide from the world. I try to be positive, but damn, it’s not always easy, is it?

What have you been doing to keep yourself going? OH! I have a pumpkin plant that my neighbor gave me, and it has, last count, 7 pumpkins growing! The vines are growing like mad, especially one, and it’s so much fun to see how big they grow daily. I thought I had a picture handy but I don’t; I’ll take one and post it next time!

If you’re looking for me on social media, I’m on Twitter as Heart’s Peace Heal, and Instagram as heartspeacehealing.

I hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe!

Much love,

Pip ๐Ÿ™‚