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What Inspired Me Today


How is everyone? I spent the morning doing housework, then listened to an interview The Tarot Lady did concerning intentions and business; it kicked some ideas in, so I’ve just spent most of the afternoon making a few changes here and there.

I’m back to charging for sessions. She mentions, and I’ve found this to be true, that if you do free work, it’s rare that it leads to paid work, so no more freebies! I also went back to Heart’s Peace Healing. I like the way it sounds. 🙂

Speaking of, I sometimes imagine a color when I’m working on someone, and the other day I was sending light and as my eyes were wandering around the room, the blue of a pair of slippers really kicked the energy flow into high gear! I love it when I discover things like this, and I did the same thing a couple days later with the same result, this time from something gold in color. I think this is SO cool!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe…we can get through this, it’s just going to be a long haul. A boost of Hygge Energy Healing every now and again might be just the thing you – or someone you know – need!

Take it easy, and I hope to help you feel better soon!


©Pip Miller – April 2020


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