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Is Digital Minimalism For You?

Happy March everyone!

Here it came in like a lamb; sunny, chilly, some clouds, and finally a few sprinkles. Mild. Which makes me wonder how the end of the month is going to be. 🙂

Yesterday I was wandering through links, going from one topic to another, and I came across this blog post by Laura McKowen about Digital Minimalism. Now anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows how I feel about social media overwhelm, so that subject jumped out and grabbed me. The Kindle book she mentions was $1.99, so I bought it and began reading.

There’s just too much to say about this book, so I recommend what she does: read it. And you might want to download an app called Moment, it tracks how log you spend staring at your device’s screen.

The basic jist of the book is to take a 30-day detox from all non-essential technology. Including video games, Netflix, etc. And then making a plan to use the essential ones in a more time-efficient manner. He even talks about how people who get online to read the news or news sites can do so without eating hours of their day.

The key during the detox is to do other things. Don’t just sit around, thinking about what’s going online. No, resume hobbies you’d dropped when your smartphone seemingly became glued to your hand, go for walks, play with your children uninterrupted, read books (offline if you use a Kindle or other ebook reader), learn to knit, write actual letters (my plan), etc… The goal is to fill your life with activities like you used to before the internet. And then when the 30 days are up, decide what you really, really want to add back, and consider why; does it add value to your day, your life? If Twitter drives you nuts, why do you want to jump back on? If scrolling through staged photos on Insta depresses you in the end, why download it again? For your business, what sites do you feel good using, and do they add to your business? This all needs to be considered before diving back into the internet. And, as he says, you may find that less definitely is more. McKowen herself has a list of all the accounts she deleted, and it’s not small. Nor were the number of followers on them. But she chose what aligns best with her values.

What is all this leading to? Yeah, you knew it. 🙂 My birthday is the 9th, next Monday, so beginning then I won’t anywhere but here, the newsletter, and email for 30 days. I want my focus to be my energy work, not falling into YouTube rabbit holes, or looking at ridiculously gorgeous bujo pics, or raging at what’s going on in the world for hours and hours. I need a break. That means on the desktop, too. I can only log into the sites I’ve chosen, once a day, no more. I’ve removed all apps except Signal from my phone (really!) and I know Twitter is going to be really, really difficult for me to give up, but it’s gone from my phone and tablet and promised myself that I won’t download it during the 30 days. Haven’t decided where or how I’ll get news, but I’ll figure it out before then.

If you were to do this, what technologies do you consider vital? Would you be able to do a 30-day detox? Do you want to play along?

And as always, I’m available for distance Heart’s Peace Healing sessions! They are what brings my life joy, no question about it. Your feedback absolutely makes my day, sometimes my week! So please, don’t hesitate to purchase a session, or mention my work to that friend you have with fibro or chronic migraines; I can’t cure them, but I can help them feel better. And honestly, that means a lot when chronic pain is your life.

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – March 2020

4 thoughts on “Is Digital Minimalism For You?

  1. Funny, but this has never been an issue for me. While I may spend a lot of time online, it is not generally on social media. I rarely check Twitter, can go days on end without opening Tumblr or Instagram or whatever else there is. I don’t have any on them on my phone, either, because being older than dirt, I still think of a phone as something you use to call people. 🙂 I have google Keep on my phone, and some other apps that are useful when I am out and about, but that’s it. I have one game, cubeology, and Dropbox with offline reading set up, in case I have a long wait somewhere. I have tons and tons of stuff to read on Dropbox. I’m kind of happy that I never really got sucked into the whole social media thing. I think it’s very unhealthy and a negative influence on people. There is a lot of dreck and bad stuff out there, people. It’s why I don’t have cable or antenna tv, too. Streaming has no commercials and no soundbites of the orange gasbag. I am feeling so above it all here, can you tell? LOLOL


    1. It’s not just about social media, it’s more about how we go to technology (for instance when having a long wait, as you mentioned) instead of sitting with the thoughts in our head or actually interacting with others.


      1. But reading is FUNdamental, right? I also like to just look around at my surroundings or out the window if there is one. I used to just bring my Kindle everywhere, but now I can read with Dropbox on my phone, so I am happy. I think too much already, anyway. Seriously, I think things like, ‘who was the first person to look at a lobster and think, yum?’ Or decide that living where it’s dark for six months was a good idea? Why did a good segment of the population let themselves be brainwashed by Fox News? I think I know the answer to that one. Bad, bad, bad education in the US. You get what you pay for, and teachers are not paid much. Anyway, I think too much already.



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