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So This Is What A BIG Fibromyalgia Flare Feels Like

Make. It. Go. Away.


Oh, my gosh, everything, and I do mean everything, hurts. Even my eyeballs. And my feet hurt so much this morning I could barely walk. I’ve never had it feel this bad before…this is…there aren’t even words for this. And my tremors are off the charts at the moment (you should see all the deletes I’m doing as I type this). If I was still working, I would have had to call off because there’s simply no way I would have made it through the day.

The sad thing is, SO many people, especially women, have fibromyalgia and this is a normal day for them. If this is a portent of how things are going to be from now on, can I just curl up in a ball and cry for a while? When my dr. confirmed I had this, she said she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy, and as it was fairly low-level for me at the time, I didn’t understand the sentiment as well as I do today.

In pain,

Pip 🙂

PS: is anyone else having formatting issues on WordPress? If I click on the icon to center text or move it to the right, they don’t work.

5 thoughts on “So This Is What A BIG Fibromyalgia Flare Feels Like

  1. This is the first wordpress thing I’ve done today, so don’t know about formatting issues. I like the prismatic healing name. Even though I’m Reiki trained, (traditional Usui, thus avoiding the hang ups and pitfalls a lot of people have encountered in Reiki world) I see / get multiple colors like that too, Sometimes will combine that with Dinshah light / color meanings, crystals, etc to find additional intuitive input…kind of like you do reading Tarot. Looking forward to reading post about money and energy work. Personally I approach Reiki and Tarot work the same….both ethics and money-wise. Dunno how other folks do things….but you know what they say….it is what it is until it isn’t.

    Hope you have a better day soon

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  2. Fibromyalgia flare ups can be intense! I was not diagnosed until a whopper flare hit and stayed for about 12 months, every symptom hit at same time and didnt go away! This was when I began my healing journey and did reiki 1, it worked so well for me I progressed to master/teacher level over time and then other holistic therapies! I agree with the above poster that healing by any name is all accessing source energy and all about intent! Thankfully these days my flares are few and shorter! Hope your flare eases soon ❤



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