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A New Challenge

Hello, again!

I’ve been busy with work, managing the social media for the Menaul Book Exchange, and dealing with normal life. And, I have another respiratory infection. After April’s bout with pneumonia, I managed to get an early dr’s appt today and was given some antibiotics to keep it from getting that bad again.

Stress, my dears, manifests in many ways.

I managed to work about 1/2 a day yesterday, and we got in a shipment from Hay House, and one of the books was “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I have had the “gift” version at home for quite a few years.

©Pip Miller

I haven’t actually read it in a long time, either. The premise of the book is that our thoughts create our lives, and also our illnesses*. Our beliefs and patterns get stuck within us, and manifest in unexpected ways. I tend to think I’m pretty good at going with the flow, but I know I internalize a lot. The items I looked up had me floored with their accuracy, and let me tell you, stress presents itself in many ways. Wait, did I already say that? 😉

Isn't it pretty?
Isn’t it pretty?

When I got home, I went into my office, and lo!, there was my copy in plain view, as if to say, “Now.” I took the hint and took it to bed with me, along with some hot tea.

“I find that resentment, criticism, guilt, and fear cause more problems than anything else.”

“Resentment that is long held can eat away at the body and become the dis-ease we call cancer. Criticism as a permanent habit can often lead to arthritis in the body. Guilt always looks for punishment, and punishment creates pain. Fear, and the tension it produces, can create things like baldness, ulcers, and even sore feet.”


Not even through the first chapter and already much to think about, especially my fondness for Calvin’s way of thinking. She recommends reading the entire book, then working with each chapter for 2 or 3 days. I’m going to finish the run-through, then work each chapter, but for a week, and then I’ll write about it. Not sure how in-depth I will get, as this is about reaching deep within and changing long held patterns and beliefs, but I will share what I’m comfortable with.

Interested in doing the same? I may consider started a private G+ group for those who want to; there are 14 chapters before her list of ailments and their thought/emotional causes, so it would be a 3-4 month long journey. Let me know if you’re interested, and if there are more than, oh, 5 people, I’ll start a group.

©Pip Miller – November 2015

*Please, no comments on how this can’t possibly be true, especially for children. I’m working to make changes in my life after a year of inexplicable illnesses, and this is how I choose to do so. YMMV.  🙂

PS: The time of free healing sessions is over. Did you take advantage of it? I hope so because it’s back to business for me, and y’all gotsta pay now. 😉 You can purchase a session on my website, Gypsy Sage Healing.

Annnd…have you checked out Dew Drop Essentials? They’re coming up with new blends every day! Arwen Lynch did a youtube review of their products, too! (link is on the website)


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