Dew Drop Essentials Sprays and Oils

My day job is at a lovely shop, Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium, and we sell this amazing line of locally-made sprays and oils. The company is called Dew Drop Essentials, and it’s a mother-daughter endeavor.

Mom Mary is the super-brain behind the business end of things, and daughter Hannah’s creations are the bomb, and it’s a breeze to connect new customers with the company’s products. Recently she concocted an oil to help with Mercury Retrograde’s craziness, and it had such an immediate affect on customers (and staff!) who took a whiff of the tester, that we sold 10 bottles in a matter of days. I know we’ll go through more right before Mercury’s next trip to the twilight zone in January, too.

Her latest creation, at the request of Blue Eagle co-owner, Spencer, is a proprietary blend* called “Thieves”. It’s her take on the traditional Four Thieves oil, which has been used for centuries to keep away illnesses. Her version helps with self-empowerment and courage, as well as the traditional healing aspect, with the added bonus of keeping negative people away from you. A definite win all around!

Mine, all mine!
Mine, all mine!

It smells amazing, and we sold out of the limited stock she had created, again, in a few days.

One of my personal favorites is Morning Mist, which helps you start your day with a smile, letting any negative thoughts you may have woken with disappear into the lovely-smell of the oil.

I love this!
I love this!

Another personal favorite is Clouds, which works a bit along the same lines as Morning Mist, but purifies and calms, too. And again, the smell…yum!

One of our tarot readers is fond of Money Come to Me, as that day was filled with clients for him. He just sprayed it in the reading room, and voilá! And our neighbor, Berjé, of Obsidian HEALth and WELLness, is fond of the Inner Vision spray.

These products are wonderful, and they are coming up with more blends as I type this. One that I plan to bring to the attention of those who need it (and in our line of work, it’s an almost daily thing), is their Pink Power blend. It’s used as a defense against magic thrown at you, most specifically when you don’t know who is sending the nasty stuff.

I love finding new, wonderful products, and couldn’t wait to tell you about them! Check out their website (they ship), or stop on in Blue Eagle to sample the testers. 🙂

*All her blends are proprietary, obviously, just wanted to make the point with regards to other Four Thieves products. 🙂

©Pip Miller – October 2015

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