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Plum Paper Planner

It’s finally here!!!! They said it takes weeks, and it did. 6 to be exact. That’s ok, I expected it. πŸ™‚

~The lovely logo on the box.





~The colorful month tabs. Each month’s color scheme matches them.



~I love the simplicity and colors of the pages!


~After using a Filofax for so long, I got used to having a bookmark to flip to the current day/week. This doesn’t have one (though I hear the ones by Erin Condren work with Plum Paper planners), so I used removable tabs that I already had. One is for the week we’re in…


…and the other for the monthly calendar.


~I’ve just now noticed an odd thing they do: the first page of each month has the remaining days of the previous month in a muted print. Like a wall calendar with blank days for the days of other months. And the last page of each month is the same. Unusual.


~This will take a bit of getting used to. πŸ˜‰


~On the left of the weekly page is this lovely spot for all kinds of notes.

wpid-img_20150920_115257769.jpg(those last few pictures were taken here in the kitchen, and it’s not very bright, sorry!)

Overall, I’m very happy with the planner! It’s just like a notebook, but dated. πŸ˜‰ it’s a bit large to carry on my purse, but that’s ok: I carried my Filofax around every day and rarely wrote in it. This one will stay at the house, where I need it to remember appointments and confirmation numbers, etc. Yippee!!!

Β©Pip Miller – September 2015

10 thoughts on “Plum Paper Planner

  1. I’m sorry? to tell you this, but you inherited this love of notebooks, lists, paper everything from your mother. Organization. Writing things down. It’s a good thing. I used Day-Timer for years, now I’m in love with Moleskine, the red ones. I saw a black one used on Rubicon and that was that. The Day-Timer has a version with a wallet-type cover that fit into my pocket. If it doesn’t fit into my pocket, it’s not going with me, but this one looks pretty neat. I may have to investigate.

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