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First off: I made it through yesterday with flying colors. I don’t remember the thought of drinking crossing my mind more than once, and then it was gone. And sleep, oh, sleep…I’m out like a light once I fall asleep. Last night our neighborhood literally sounded like a war zone and it took forever to be able to sleep. I’m still tired.

Now the news: my computer has been acting up quite a lot of late – New Mexico is dust central, and we have original crank windows in this house (which means even closed, there are still cracks). The two together means that the corner where I am sitting (next to a window because there’s no where else I can put the computer) is a lovely dust magnet. I tore the computer apart and cleaned it, but the dust is relentless and I’m sure that’s what’s causing the problem. Add to that the fact that I will be working a LOT (like 7 days a week for some of it) between the end of the month and September, and it all equals less time online.

by ivy_icons on LJI plan to blog (I can do it from my phone if all else fails) the rest of #dryjuly4breastcancer, and now that I’ve gotten back into the hang of stress-free, ‘this is my life’ blogging, I’ll keep it up. Maybe daily, maybe not. The point is, blogging and Twitter (and Instagram…I love Instagram!) will be the easiest things for me to do on my phone, and with less time, the rest will fall pretty much to the wayside for a while. I won’t be forwarding blog posts to G+ and FB, because then people reply there instead of here, and I won’t have time to check them; instead it would be great if (assuming you want to keep reading!) you’d follow me here on WP, or Bloglovin’, or just by email.

I hope you decide to follow along, because I really do enjoy stress-free blogging, and I’ll even throw in a freebie or two of energy healing along the way. 😉 I DO still do energy healing, though I’ve been focused here on Dry July and breast cancer research. In fact, doing remote energy healing gives me such a wonderful feeling and helps relax me (how could helping others NOT be relaxing?!)…that will benefit my Dry July goal, too. 🙂

Anyway…off to work. Enjoy your day!!

©Pip Miller – July 2015

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