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It taxes me…

denialUgh. Every single time I decide to stop drinking, for whatever reason, the universe sends me a test. Sometimes it’s a little test, sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass…and sometimes it tears me down in order to – hell, I don’t even know what. It sucks and it hurts, and yesterday it threw that kind of test at me again.

Actually, it’s kind of obvious why it throws that particular test at me; it’s showing me things for which alcohol has been used as rose-colored glasses. Things that will keep rearing their ugly heads more and more as the number of dry days grows. And it wants to see if I’m going to be able to take them on without succumbing to the pull of those rose-colored glasses.

I did. And I will. Because raising money for breast cancer research is more important than numbing a bit of pain. And, for those who are not aware of it, the sugar in alcohol (that includes the carbs in beer) actually FEEDS breast cancer, and can be the cause of it in some women. So let’s see: numb the pain, feed a cancer…nah, that doesn’t sound appealing. So I’ll live the pain, and work through it. And hope that you’ll continue to donate and spread the word about Dry July, which will give me the incentive to make it through #dryjuly4breastcancer, and help those who have (and those who will discover they have) breast cancer.

We can do this, together!!!

©Pip Miller – July 2015


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