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Dry July, Breast Cancer Research, and You

©Keri (Pip) MillerA few years ago I stumbled across a blog called, “Tired of Thinking About Drinking“. In it she mentions that she’d decided to do a “dry July” and not drink for the month, and she’s been sober ever since (go, Belle!). The phrase crossed my mind again the other day, and today I thought I’d do a bit of duckduckgo – ing, and see what came up under ‘dry July’.

Come to find out, it’s an actual challenge that’s been going on in Australia and New Zealand since 2008! People sign up and donations can be made in their name (or just in general), and the funds go for people with cancer. Now isn’t that a really cool idea? Check it out!

secondSo, I had a brainstorm: I will do “Dry July”, and am asking for your donating help. Now wait, before you wander off…it’s not about me. The not drinking for a month will be, obviously, but I’m asking that you help motivate me during the month by donating to my friend Tamara’s Avon 39 Walk!!! The walk is in September (39 miles in TWO days!) and its purpose is to raise funds for breast cancer research, and every tiny donation helps.

What do you say? When you donate just add “Dry July” to the description (or in place of your name, if you prefer), and we can all track how much is donated over the month. Having people put their money where my mouth is will give me accountability, and I won’t let you down!

Believe me, this is going to be much harder on me than it is your pocketbook. 😉

I’ll be tweeting and doing Instagram pictures with the hashtag #dryjuly4breastcancer, so follow along! I may blog the month, too, but I haven’t decided yet.

Thank you ahead of time for your donations and the motivation!!

©Pip Miller – June 2015

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