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It’s a Day of Healing

Preparing to do heart workI have things to do around the house, such as vacuuming up the hair from 3 shedding animals, but instead I’m doing the one thing that brings me the most joy in life: I’m sending healing light to various people (and animals!) around the country. The requests are varied, the needs range from light to a deep healing, and through it all, Spirit and I are joyously here to help.

Over the years, as I’ve grown into my role as a healer, I’ve tried to do my best to help everyone in whatever manner I felt was able to work for as many people as possible. Through it all, releasing stuck emotions and heart work as been there in one form or another, but never really as the main focus. This has changed recently because I realized that those are exactly the best ways to help others heal, even animals.

The response I’m getting from these sessions has been wonderful, and I’m very excited to spend today doing more of this work!

©Pip Miller – June 2015


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