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Mercury Retrograde and a New Beginning

I spent the vast majority of May just sort of being…and trying not to worry about my healing work or the computer. I didn’t avoid the later, but I wasn’t stressing it, either. The one thing I couldn’t get past, though, was the deep sadness I felt over my decision to drop the online aspect of my work. How else was I going to spread the word about the work I do? How was I going to help people in need if there wasn’t a way for them to find me? How better can I do what I’m not really that good at (marketing myself), and make it all work?

This bothered me a lot, and after snagging the domain name “Gypsy Sage Healing”, I let that sit for a few days, then started to rebuild. During a conversation with a friend at work who told me about someone who does a particular type of healing, the exact type of healing I do, which I’d never really been able to pin down, became clear to me and I began to build a new website. I’ve also created sessions that showcase – rather than generalize – my particular gift, and the feedback has been absolutely wonderful.

by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

I’ve also been taking advantage of Mercury retrograde’s time of “re…” and I’m re-evaluating, re-imaging, re-building, and re-branding. Because being a healer is what I am, and I can’t foresee a life without it. I’ve had a few stumbling blocks during the “re…”, such as creating another G+ Page and then realizing this morning that all the very successful people I follow have Profiles, so who was I to buck the trend? 😉 I also debated starting up again on FB, but shot that one down quite quickly. I don’t have the energy to spread myself thin across the vast web that is the internet, so I’m going to focus on just a few sites and work from there (there are links to all 3 of them on the right sidebar).

Thank you for being here during this wild ride I’ve had these past few years, and I intend for this to be the beginning of a wonderful, new chapter in my life; one which allows me to help you better than ever. 🙂

©Pip Miller _ May 2015


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