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Happy New Year!

Did you get your annual blog review from WordPress? Mine was quite interesting and it seems the posts you guys like the most are Filofax posts (still can’t believe what a huge community of planner-users is out there), so expect to see more of them. 🙂

©Pip Miller

I pulled a couple of cards for the New Year just off-the-cuff, and this is what came up. Excellent cards!!I’ll do a bigger spread later on today.


I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, New Year’s Eve and that 2015 is amazing for all of us!

©Pip Miller – January 2015

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Pip, I got mine to for my blogs. I was surprised too which posts were most popular on Your Blog Coach. Biggest surprise was doubling my traffic on my cold cases blog. Now how am I going to match that in 2015?

    Keep blogging, I like to spy in your binders too.

    Happy 2015 and all the best from us to you and yours!


    1. That’s wonderful about your cold cases blog! Oh, get this…you’re my top ‘most active’ commenter. 🙂

      I’ll do a binder post soon. 🙂

      Happy 2015 to you, too!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES! I win! I’d like to thank the producers and the staff for putting up with me, my family for indulging me, and of course all my friends for supporting me … wait … ok, wrong comment box! 😀



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