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#writealm Day 12 (I’m behind again)…

The end of the month will make 6 months since our dogs disappeared into thin air, and lately we’ve been thinking about them a lot.

1008111321abWhen we first got Gia, she was only 7 weeks or so old, and Zoey became her stand-in mom. They were inseperable.


Gia and Zoey As Gia grew, she quickly became not only a completely different color (she started out with pure German Shepherd coloring!), but taller than her ‘mom’. She was the funniest dog, too: Zoey would be running around the backyard, barking wildly at something, and Gia would just lay in the middle of the yard watching her, not barking at all. She only barked when she was playing with either Zoey or with the cat.


IMG_0547267Every day our new puppies do something that brings back a memory of what Zoey or Gia did – especially since the oldest sounds and acts so much like Zoey, and it always makes us sad. We hope, more than anything, that whomever has them is treating them well and loves them. Because we still miss them so much and want them to come home.

©Pip Miller – November 2014


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