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Oh My LOA!

©Pip MillerFor years I’ve been one of those Law of Attraction naysayers, certain that it never works, especially when it comes to money. Why wouldn’t I? In the last 3 years I’ve gone from having a growing, successful, income-creating healing career to a dead standstill as far as both clients and income goes. I’ve read the books, I written the plans, I’ve done the vision boards…and still I’m where I am. I have had NO reason to believe in the LOA.

Or have I?

A brief discussion about the LOA fed one of those wee hours of the morning times when you’re wide awake, trying to make sense of it all, and out of the blue a thought that had been slithering around in my head every now and again suddenly stopped, reared its head, stared me straight in the eyes and told me quite bluntly, “You have LOA’d yourself out of a career.” 

Wait, what?? How? I’m doing everything I can, juggling and learning and trying to figure out where to be to make the most connections…how can you say that?? And then it hit me when I thought about the time frame and when things began to tank: there’s an underlying issue that I haven’t really wanted to acknowledge, and it is the reason I’ve created this money block. There’s a lot of anger, resentment, and fear, and without realizing it on a conscious level, I literally have used the Law of Attraction to stop things from growing so that I wouldn’t have to deal with those feelings. I was floored!

We always think of the positive things the LOA is to bring us; relationships, health, riches…but we don’t think about the negative things that it brings, too. Because if our most repetitive thoughts are ones of negativity, we will create that in our lives. It’s like the passage in the book I wrote about before, “If you want to know what you’re really “praying” for, take a look around your life. You’ll see your innermost thoughts, the real desires of your heart, the prayers no one knows about but you.”

Son of a gun. It works! It really works!

Now to fix it. I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself!

©Pip Miller – October 2014

2 thoughts on “Oh My LOA!

  1. Wow.
    Very timely post, I think I have done something very similar to myself!
    I’m not quite sure how I manage to get myself into this sort of mess but I do know that I’m pretty good at getting myself into such places! Just need to work on getting myself out again now…

    Not sure where I need to get myself too (part of the problem you see) so need to figure this one out in several ways.
    Good Luck getting yourself back on track. 🙂 x



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