A Smack Upside the Head

…and gratitude. Extreme gratitude.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

You know that one friend you have, the one who lays down the law in such a way that it’s as if a thunderbolt when through you, completely changing how you look at things? The one that puts that final puzzle piece in the picture you knew was missing some thing, but you didn’t know what it was? I woke to an email from that friend today. Someone I’ve never met in person, and most likely never will due to where we both live. The one who may as well have smacked me upside the head with a frying pan, knocking some serious sense into me in the caring, no-holds-barred way she has when it’s needed.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head, clinging to ways that may have supported me in the past, but definitely don’t any longer. I’ve always felt “less than” and compare myself to others all the time, whether in looks, success, possessions…all of it. It’s a trait I’ve tried to overcome, but it’s a difficult one, and having that trait tends to lead me to postpone the great life I know I can have, leaving me in a world of grey and doubt.

Images ©Osho Zen Tarot

Her guidance (and bluntness) was as if heaven sent, giving me the courage to be strong and trust myself (and the universe) more than I do, and most importantly, build your trust. Hopefully you will notice and appreciate the changes in me over time, and I will stand stronger, wiser, and more certain of myself than ever in the past. 🙂

Image ©Osho Zen Tarot

And you…you know who you are. This is my joy-filled message of love and gratitude for the amazing, wonderful internet that brought us together and the healing you bring to my life. 🙂

©Pip Miller – September 2014

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