Praying Mantis Rescue

Last week at work I took the trash out, and just as I lifted the lid I saw a praying mantis fall in. The dumpster had just been emptied and I couldn’t reach the mantis, nor was it having any of my ‘just grab on to the pole’ entreaties, either. I ended up having to leave it, and the next day when I took out more trash (inventory had come in), I caught site of it on the side of a box at the bottom of the bin. I used the bag I was dumping to gently coax it up the side of the box, then grabbed a small stick, slid it under the mantis, and lifted it out of the dumpster! I was so happy to have saved it!! It was a bit wobbly, most likely from lack of food and water, and I put it in some grass nearby, right under a tree. I posted on G+ about it, using a picture that I’d found online, and the next day Roni Loren posted this article (a must-read!) about copyright issues and the legalities that could occur as a result. So I went back, deleted the post, deleted most of my Pinterest boards, deleted much of what I’d reblogged on Tumblr, and kept only posts that included pictures I myself have taken. I was a bit bummed because it really was a gorgeous picture of a praying mantis, but the site specifically stated (when I went back and researched) that permission must be given – though it gave no way to discover the owner or how to ask for said permission. It was weird. Anyway…

Yesterday I found this little guy (gal? How do you tell?) on the screen door! So not only do I get to tell the story again (go, me! LOL), but now I can add pictures of my very own!mantis2mantis

praying mantis

I’ve never seen one with a brown torso when the rest was green, have you? I moved it to the bush next to the door, and it was so cool to watch it turning its head, checking things out…looked a bit like an alien. 😉

©Pip Miller – September 2014


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