To Whom It May Concern

…someone opened our side gate while the dogs were in on 5/27, and when we woke in the morning, they were gone.  It seems you’ve found them and have decided to keep them, so I thought you might like to know something about our dearly loved and missed girls.

©Pip Miller

This is Zoey (and her cat). As I’m sure you’ve noticed, she’s very shy and is hyper-sensitive to sounds and movements. She’s always been that way, and I don’t think she’s ever going to change. I’m sure being loose traumatized her and she’s even more sensitive right now, but you’ll soon discover that she loves nothing more than to sit with her head in your lap and be pet for hours. She’s a sweetie. She’s also a great watchdog when she’s outside; when she’s inside she couldn’t care less who is around. But outside…everyone knows when she’s on the job. She’s almost 7, by the way, and has never been away from us since we brought her home at 8 weeks or so. I hope you take good care of her.




Zoey with her new friend Gia, who we rescued from the animal shelter at 7 weeks old.  She’ll be 3 on August 1st.


©Pip Miller

Someone’s exhausted.


Now Gia looked just like a german shepherd when she was young, but now, as you’ve noticed, except for the black coloring, she doesn’t much anymore. We have a running debate over whether she is part Greyhound or Great Dane (I vote Great Dane), and as I’m sure you’ve discovered, she doesn’t bark. Except at Zoey when she wants to play. And at the cat, who loves to play with them from the top of the couch. The cat who is now lost and wanders the house crying for them.

©Pip Miller

Looking at the new little creature.


©Pip Miller

Here they are in their favorite spot under my computer desk. Zoey likes to be under things, somewhere safe. She loved to have me put my feet on her while she was sleeping and I was working. Gia has grown so big that with the two of them under there, I almost can’t get close enough to the computer! We spent many an hour like that.


©Pip Miller

©Pip Miller

They look so serious here!  The cat had just come into the living room, and they wanted to go chasing her and I wanted pictures. ‘Stay’ was not their happy place at that moment.

I should have let them play and then taken the pictures, but it is what it is.

©Pip Miller

This is the last picture I took of them. I’m sad that Zoey is blurry. You can see how Gia has grown – they both love meat bones and we spoiled them over the winter. They love to be inside, just hanging out and playing with the cat.  If you buy them a doghouse, you only need one as they sleep together.  They are inseparable – and I hope to heaven that if you caught Gia, you also caught Zoey and didn’t leave her out there by herself.  That thought terrifies me.  I don’t know what will happen to her if she’s alone.

Please, take good care of them, as you seem to have chosen not to return them to us. Be aware, though: Gia is chipped and my info with them is current.  If you decide to be kind and return them to us, please contact me at 505-633-6595 (a text is fine).  I’d love to hear from you, no questions asked.

One more thing: don’t buy them plastic/rubber toys.  They will destroy and eat them.  Every time.  And they can both pop those big balls you can buy for kids.

©Pip Miller – June 2014

13 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. Feel sorry for your lose and heartache. Plus the poor lil meow meow wants her sidekick’s back. Whoever has them find it in your heart to get them back home. Go to a shelter and Pls let your very own furbaby choose you! It will be even more exciting and a tighter loving bond. Saying a Prayer



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