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Full Moon Craziness

picons25Good grief, was it me or was this past full moon the epitome of all the weirdness attributed to that monthly phenomenon? If I got any moodier, I’d have had to lock myself in the bedroom and howl at the damned moon, seriously. I’ve mentioned in the past how I don’t usually feel psychically open, but lately, wow. When they say the veil is thinning, they weren’t kidding. Honestly, I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with it. 😉 Feeling depressed over not being able to help others as a healer really got to me kind of out of the blue, and then there were moments of pure joy, too.  I felt a bit manic, actually. Not cool at all. Did you guys feel it, too?

I’ve decided to try and write a bit about my healing work on Mondays, and today it’s how I feel when I’m doing it. I’m not one of those healers who can tell you what is wrong with you, or why, but I do sometimes get a feeling and I’ll ask, “does this sound right to you” when I manage to put it into words for the client.  I can tell when someone really needs the Light by the way my hands feel – there’s a strong tingling that goes on, almost pins-and-needles like – and who is just getting a energetic ‘tune-up’ more than anything else.

A customer at work said she wanted to study and learn more so she can send Light more strongly to a parent in another state, and I mentioned that I’ve found over time that the less I pay attention and try to direct the session (such as by imagining a specific color or keeping what the client wants healed in mind), the less effective it is. The more I’m ‘involved’ in it, the less Spirit and your soul seem able to help you.  It’s as if instead of kicking back, watching the birds, chatting with my neighbor and simply being the conduit for the healing, I’m creating a block that slows the flow.  My attention is not needed for your healing; as I wrote on my website, “…the first people I helped were psychic friends and they told me about the colors they were seeing as the session was going on. Colors that matched their needs. Colors and a deeper healing and unblocking than I could ever have had knowledge of.  Healing and shifts that occur on levels that surprise me every time I get feedback, and I know without a doubt that this gift is Spirit working through me, it is not of me.”

It’s a big lesson in stepping outside of one’s ego and letting Spirit do its work, let me tell you. 😉  I’ve helped clients who had a physical issue, such as one reader who wanted me to help with her back, and along with feeling better, she had a sudden insight into what was blocking her in her life, quit her job as soon as she could, and moved into a job that fed her soul instead of just her bank account.  I’ve had one client connect with her guru in India during her session.  And some have even mentioned that I have a conversation with them on a psychic level during the session -now that feedback seriously blew my mind!

There are many things that bring me joy in life (something I need to work on paying more attention to, btw), but few come anywhere close to how I feel when someone tells me how much I helped them by sending them Light. Or when I help someone really stressed out – in person – and I literally watch the stress melting away, as they sink into their bodies and relax.  I know this is why I’m here on this planet at this time, and I’m so very grateful and blessed to have been given this gift.

I hope one day to be able to help you, too!

©Pip Miller – May 2014

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