Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted since September!  So much has changed, and I’ve needed the time to get used to it.

Biggest change is that I have a “real” job now!  Full-time, great pay, great people, close to home.  On the other hand, my time for doing healing work has lessened greatly and I must admit, I miss it terribly.  I also miss being home, believe it or not!  Today the ravens are finally back in full force in the neighborhood, and I just want to sit outside, sent light, and watch them dance in the sky.  Instead, I’m off to work soon.

Talk about a lesson in gratitude, eh? 🙂

BTW, the tree that the ravens & crows used to perch in (as well as the hummingbirds) is gone. 😦  It was dead and every time the wind blew, branches were falling off.  I cried when they cut it down because I knew it meant a change in the birds’ patterns and I was worried about where they would land now and if I could still watch them. The ravens & crows have chosen my other neighbor’s tree, which I love, but it’s much harder to see them.  Still they are there and I love it.  Aside…a ‘murder’ of crows *really* should be renamed a ‘cacophony’ of crows. *L*

©Pip Miller

This job has me immersed in a way of life that is of a culture not mine, and part of me is ready to just sink in, but there is a bigger part of me telling me it’s not the right path for me…most especially the nutrition aspect of it.  So right now I am navigating the waters of my soul, picking my way through all that I have access to and feeling my way along to what nourishes me.  Nourish.  That was my word for this year, and it honestly never became much of a focus until recently.  I think I may keep it for my word next year, too.  Suddenly it means so much to me, in ways I can’t begin to describe or even coherently put my finger on.

Am I making any sense?  I’m listening to the birds, watching the clock, trying to decide what to wear today (my least favorite part of having a job), and putting my thoughts into word here.  I have a feeling I’m multi-tasking a bit too much. 😉

©Pip Miller – November 2013

4 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Pip –

    Happy to hear that you are doing well! I know what you mean about losing a tree – it changes a lot of things, even when it is necessary. Sending good thoughts for the holidays! 🙂




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