Question for Card Readers

When I get a reading, I’m usually asked to shuffle and cut the cards so my ‘energy infuses the cards’, helping the reader answer the question clearly.

I never questioned that, until now.  The readings I have been doing have all been email and I have never done a reading in person (yet). So I wonder…is that really necessary?  And what if the person has had a few or is on something undetectable, even meds?  Or is pregnant?  Isn’t that two energies you would be dealing with?  What if the person’s energies are so muddled that they barely know their own name?  Then what happens to the cards when any of the above shuffles them?

Doesn’t it make more sense for the reader to do the shuffling all the time, keep their energies in the cards so they get clear messages from their intuition and guides??

I wonder if that’s one of those things that are ‘canon’ when it comes to readings, like one I used to hear all the time at the shop I worked at, especially concerning one’s first deck, “No, I can’t buy my own!  Tarot decks must be given to you!”  Or that they must be wrapped in cloth, never left in the boxes.  Or put ‘to sleep’ with crystals.  Things like that.  Who came up with this stuff??

What are your thoughts, dear card readers out there?

©Pip Miller – June 2013

14 thoughts on “Question for Card Readers

  1. Cards are pretty versatile, but they are also extremely responsive to your world view. So readers who live in a world where you cannot buy your own cartomancy decks will never have luck with a deck that isn’t given to them. I’ve had fellow ‘professional’ mediums blow me up on Facebook because they live in that world and expect me to live there, too (because in their world, because I buy my own decks, my readings don’t work, so they feel the need to warn me). I’ve also had people tell me I cannot use the cards for forecasting – probably because they failed. The funny thing is, I’ve been reading tarot for about 6 years, and I’ve been reading professionally for about 4 and a half. I have conducted THOUSANDS of readings – only about 50 or less of which were done in person, or with my client physically nearby. The rest have ALL been online, through email, instant message, skype, or over the phone. And I have GREAT feedback. Not just ‘oh that’s nice’ but people who are consistently blown away by how accurate I am, regular clients over the years, that sort of thing. I’m not overflowing with business, mostly because I think I charge more than most people are willing to spend. But I would rather have lots of free time and focus my energy on the fewer readings throughout the month, treating my client with special care and making sure their needs are met, rather than not having enough time to brush my teeth because some persistent client keeps paying me every other day to pull cards about whether her ex is ever going to come back to her.

    My intention isn’t to toot my own horn but to provide another point of view. Granted, I grew up with the internet; the idea that someone cannot be connected to me through the internet is, frankly, mind-boggling. I also have a background in energy work, which reinforces the idea that we are all connected through energy. It’s never been an issue for me – not for someone who genuinely wants a reading, anyway.

    Personally, I have a few ‘rituals’ that I have developed in my years of reading. When I started, I read everything I could, and tried everything once. I kept doing what worked, and didn’t continue practices that didn’t feel like they were working, or fun, or worth it. Some decks I keep wrapped up, I have a few I keep crystals with… I let almost everyone touch almost any of my decks. (I’ve had to keep a few precious ones away because non-tarot readers don’t really have the dexterity to handle them in a way that protects them.)

    If I went to a reader who wanted me to shuffle and cut their cards, I would be suspicious, but I would honor their tradition. My suspicion would make me wonder whether they are a traditionalist or whether they have developed their own practices – I’ve had readings with people who had too much ego involved in ‘the way things should be’ (with regards to societal standards) as opposed to the energy of the situation and I have 0 interest in working with readers like that. There’s nothing wrong with upholding traditions, but I want to work with readers who have their own sense of identity and a relationship with their cards. I want to know that you have enough experience to know when it’s time to leave the tradition behind and find your own way.

    I’ve conducted readings for pregnant women before without problems – not sure why that would be an issue. I do not read about medical issues. I have brought my cards out when there has been alcohol involved, but I am extremely selective in that regard. I don’t read at parties or in bars, but if a group of my girlfriends are together and we’re having a few, we might get our cards out for a good time.

    I’m also not sure how it would affect a reading if a client came to me for a reading and if they were on medication. I know very few people who do not take something medically for health reasons, and have never experienced that in a situation that would make me want to screen someone’s medical practices prior to conducting a reading. Then again, I have very clear, very firm boundaries in place that the people who come to me for readings are ones who I am meant to work with. I trust my gut before I work with anyone for the first time; if I get a red flag, I don’t typically read for them and will provide a refund if they have already paid for one.

    My only hard and fast rules are that I do what feels right. Reading can be incredibly healing and a wonderful gift, when shared with others. But the fact that I’m a good reader doesn’t mean I owe anyone anything before myself – and it took me a LONG time to get there.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    1. I tend to go against the grain with the energy healing and now, it seems, with the card reading, too. *L* It’s nice to find others that think the same.

      As for the pregnant, drunk, and medicated, I meant that in the sense that if they shuffle the cards, then won’t the energies that they say infuse the cards then be muddled, not that I wouldn’t read for someone who is pregnant, has had a few, or is on meds. 🙂

      I absolutely believe in doing what feels right for me, too! Thank you for your wonderful input!


  2. I do mostly distance readings and in my experience whether you touch cards or not has no effect on the accuracy of the reading.


  3. I don’t think there are any hard or fast rules. Do what feels right for you. I always scoffed at the ‘don’t let anyone touch your cards’ or ‘must receive cards as a gift’ thing. I think cards received as a gift make me feel happy because they were a gift–but have no bearing on the accuracy of the readings.

    That said, if the reader is feeling burnt out or fuzzy, that can impact the reading. Similarly, if the sitter/receiver of the reading is feeling unreceptive or cranky, that can impact the reading. But overall, let no doubt cross your mind or worry you. The best readings I’ve done have been when I was confident and just let it flow. So don’t worry about it!



    1. Thanks! And I definitely agree about being burnt out or fuzzy. 😉

      I shall breathe and just let it flow. And ignore my shaking hands. *L*


  4. Oh Pip, I could write a book….and am. Not surprised, are you? I cover a lot of this over on modern oracle tarot. Meanwhile, this is seriously juicy stuff…EXCELLENT questions. May I use your questions over on that blog to give my spin with a giant post – or maybe a series? Baisically it will be the synopsis to “Modern Oracle: Intuition for the 21st Century” which is in the que (see the “books” page, you’ll see how long the list is getting) Thanks in advance for letting me borrow your questions.



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