Hello, and welcome to Heart’s Peace Healing!

My name is Pip, and I’m a holistic lightworker specializing in distance energy healing for humans and animals.

As a conduit for Divine healing energy and light, I give a boost to your body’s natural healing abilities, helping body, mind, and spirit. It’s a warm, peaceful, energy that can bring gentle changes or surprise you with big shifts – it always helps you in the best way for your highest overall good. During a distance (also called remote) healing session, the energy is sent to you where ever you are in the world. I enjoy this ability because it allows the client to be in the comfort of their own home as they heal – no need for telephones, or Skype…it’s all on a energetic level far beyond that.

Many of my clients see colors while receiving light; colors, and a deeper healing and energetic/emotional unblocking than I could ever have known they needed. Sometimes they feel a physical healing and calmness that is exactly what they were hoping for. Every time, changes occur and I know without a doubt that this is Spirit and the client’s soul working through me; I’m just the happy conduit!

I blog about my work, fibro, essential tremor, and life in general. Thanks for stopping in!